TEAM - Western Women's and Mens Health
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Lauren is one of the founding Principal Physiotherapists at WWMH and head of the Womens’ and Mens’ Heath department at Nurture Healthcare. She commenced working as a physiotherapist in 2002, and became a partner of Hoppers Physio in 2005. Since then, Lauren has gained increased knowledge and experience in the management of Womens’ and Mens’ Health Patients. She has completed many courses through the Womens’ Health Training Association, particularly focusing on the management of pre and post natel women, urinary and faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and delivery of exercise programs.


At WWMH we are fully equipped with real time ultrasound, a peritron machine for accurate EMG reading of PFM activation and relaxation, electrical stimulation, pelvic support braces, SRC pregnancy and post natel wear, weighted pelvic floor training sets and dilation devices.


Lauren is also involved in the clinical pilates program at the centre and enjoys facilitating women’s return to exercise following delivery. She has 4 young kids and can strongly relate to the importance of maintaining a healthy body during these years.


Nevine is a conscientious Physiotherapist offering 25 years of clinical experience and 16 years of continence and pelvic floor physiotherapy experience in hospitals, community health centres & private practices.


With a post-graduate certificate in continence and pelvic floor physiotherapy attained at Melbourne University; Nevine is passionate about enhancing her knowledge, and experience in order to deliver best practice and offer her clients exceptional customer service & evidenced based treatment.


Conditions I have treated include:

  • Bladder conditions: Urinary urgency, Urge and Stress Incontinence, voiding dysfunction: incomplete bladder emptying, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Bladder pain syndrome, and overactive bladder, and for men obstructed voiding associated with prostate enlargement or post Radical Prostatectomy.
  • Bowel conditions: Constipation, IBS, Dysynergic defaecation, Anismus, Incomplete bowel emptying and faecal/anal incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, post Obstetric Anal Sphincter injuries
  • Vaginal conditions: vaginismus, dyspareunia which may or not be associated with gynaecological surgery.
  • Musculoskeletal pain associated with ante/postnatal clients: Pelvic Girdle pain, symphysis pubis and SIJ dysfunction and Lumbosacral instability, DRAM, Perineal tears Grade 2-4, Tx dysfunction.
  • Chronic Low Back pain- functional restoration programmes and Pilates
  • Cervical instability, headaches, migraines, and vertigo.
  • Shoulder subluxations, instability, tendonitis, and frozen shoulders
  • Osteoarthritis and rehabilitation programmes to help relieve joint pain


Nevine prioritises her time in listening to client’s concerns, anxieties which may feed into their bladder/bowel/prolapse and/or vertigo complaint, and how their condition is limiting their quality of life in relation to their family, work, sport and activities of daily living such as walking, driving etc.