Bowel Issues - Western Women's and Mens Health
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Bowel Issues

Bowel Issues

Common issues with the bowel include:


> Constipation

> Straining to empty

> Incomplete emptying

> Anal fissures

> Prolapse

> Haemorrhoids

> Faecal incontinence


It is normal to empty your bowel anywhere from 3 times per day, to every 3rd day.


It is normal to only have to wipe a few times.


It is normal to have a soft, firm stool.


It is NOT normal to strain or push to open your bowels.


It is NOT normal to experience pain.


It is NOT normal to have constant diarrhoea or small, lumpy and hard stools.


If you think you might have a bowel issue, there are many different treatment techniques we use depending on your symptoms.



> Anal sphincter and pelvic floor exercises

> Bowel retraining

> Dietary and fluid modification

> Rectal Balloon Training