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Breast Care

Breast Care

Breasts are such delicate and important parts of our body. As physiotherapists we are trained to help women deal with any inflammatory breast conditions (most commonly mastitis) which can arise when breastfeeding. Mastitis literally translates to “milk fever” and occurs when a milk duct becomes blocked and then infiamed. It is not always infectious, but if it is then ant-biotics may be required.


Signs of mastitis


> Red, tender or hard lump in the breast

> Pain when feeding

> Fever, fatigue or flu-like symptoms




> Ultrasound therapy which helps to reduce pain and inflammation

> Breast support taping

> Postural education

> Use of heat/cold therapies

> Assistance with breastfeeding positions

> Fluid modification

> Advice re: bras, clothing, exercise and relaxation techniques


Mastitis is best when treated as soon as possible. As soon as you notice the early signs of inflammation, call for an appointment straight away and start treatment early.