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Constipation and loss of bowel control are distressing problems that are very rarely discussed, yet have a huge impact on your life.  Bowel motions less than 3 times per week can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, make you less interested in socialising and avoiding intimacy.  Others may be worried about soiling themselves, rushing to the toilet due to overwhelming urgency.  Many men experience these concerns but are too embarrassed to ask for help.


Common Symptoms:

> Having to strain to empty your bowel

> Hard stool

> Having to return to the toilet soon after a bowel action

> Faecal soiling with activity or on the way to the toilet

> Rushing to the toilet for a bowel action with an overwhelming urge to go

> Accidentally passing wind

Possible Causes of Bowel Problems:

> Constipation & straining

> Poor fluid intake

> Dietary factors

> Heavy lifting

> Stress and anxiety

> Ageing

What To Expect:

> A thorough assessment to establish your goals, pelvic floor requirements and treatment plan

> Real time ultrasound assessment of pelvic floor control

> Design of a personalised pelvic floor muscle exercise program, and progression advice, plus general exercise advice

> Possible balloon therapy to facilitate easier release of bowel contents

> Advice to improve stool consistency, including supplements and dietary advice