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Do your breasts feel hard, painful and warm to touch? Do you have a tender, red lump? Are you feeling feverish and unwell?

Engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis are painful and make breastfeeding difficult and uncomfortable. This is very distressing and can affect your ability to care for and bond with your baby.
Let our experienced physiotherapists at Western Women’s and Men’s Health located in Hoppers Crossing help you feel comfortable so you can enjoy the important and special job of breastfeeding your baby.

Common Symptoms:

•    Tender or painful lumps in your breast
•    Areas of redness or increased warmth in your breast
•    The whole breast is warm, lumpy and tender
•    Flu like symptoms with fever & feeling unwell

Possible Causes Of Breast Feeding Problems:

•    Poor attachment
•    Poor breast drainage
•    Fatigue
•    Poorly fitting bra
•    Changes to your baby’s feeding pattern

Let Us Help:

At our Hoppers Crossing location, our therapeutic ultrasound is an effective physiotherapy treatment that can relieve the symptoms of breast engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis. It is used as part of a holistic treatment to help women continue to breastfeed their baby.

What To Expect:

•    A thorough assessment to establish your goals and treatment plan with our experienced Physiotherapist
•    Application of therapeutic ultrasound
•    Advice regarding rest and self-help strategies by our Hoppers Crossing Physiotherapists
•    We’ll work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with your doctor and a lactation consultant to help you achieve the best possible outcomes

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