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Feeling tired rather often?

Feeling tired rather often?

Are you noticing that you’re feeling tired too often and it’s occurring regularly? Well, this could actually be due to your diet!

Here at Western Women’s and Men’s Health located in Melbourne’s west, we’ve explored the reasons behind so many of us are feeling tired too early throughout the day and have found some really great facts to share!

It’s normal for your energy levels to decrease and increase throughout the day, as your food intake will provide you with the necessary energy to keep you going.

But there are some foods that will zap your energy and soon enough you’ll be feeling sleepy!

These foods include those with high amounts of sugars, fried and fast foods, alcoholic drinks and heavily processed grains such as white bread.

To overcome this feeling, try swapping for foods that promote energy production and offer longer lasting energy, rather than the ones mentioned above which only offer short bursts of energy.

To enjoy longer energy production, try foods such as bananas, avocados, quinoa and sweet potatoes which offer carbohydrates and essential vitamins such as A and B.

Foods that contain omega 3 acids such as fish, protein which can be found in chicken, eggs and wholemeal bread and pasta.

Foods filled with fibre such as brown rice, oatmeal, lentils, apples and beans.

Those with punches of antioxidants like goji berries, beetroot, dark chocolate… yes, we said CHOCOLATE!!

Along with leafy green vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds and for iron.

Additionally, if you feel as though fatigue is impacting your muscles and body, call our friendly team at Western Women’s and Men’s Health in Hoppers Crossing today on (03) 8001 2044, for further and more tailored advice.

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