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Peri Natal Massage

Peri Natal Massage

Pre and Post-natal massage can be beneficial for both expectant and new mothers in managing the significant changes their bodies go through, during this time.

A pregnancy massage uses soft tissue massage along with gentle stretching techniques, to reduce common pregnancy-related aches and pain such as lower back and hip pain, sciatica nerve pain, reduce swelling and improve circulation, provide comfort and relaxation thus ultimately helping with stress and tension, neck pain and headaches. Muscle tension and blood flow are also improved during a massage, aiming to ease tightness and also relieve cramping and spasms.

A post-pregnancy massage can also be useful in treating the postural problems and discomfort that can arise from feeding, nursing, carrying a baby, and the repeated lifting in and out of cribs, prams, car seats, etc. These repeated activities can often result in neck, back, and shoulder pain for new mothers too.

A pregnancy massage can be provided using specialized pregnancy pillows which allow for women to lie comfortably on their stomachs, or in a supported side-lying position for maximum comfort during the later trimester.

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for a mother’s body due to the various changes the body is undergoing including weight gain, postural changes, hormonal changes, muscle separation and this period may also heighten stress and tension. A pregnancy massage can help to focus on these specific pregnancy-related issues in order to allow an expectant (or new) mother to better enjoy this exciting time.

By Brianna Thomas (Myotherapist)

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