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Pregnancy + Post Pregnancy Back & Neck Pain

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Pregnancy + Post Pregnancy Back & Neck Pain

Are you currently pregnant or have you had a baby recently?

Firstly, congratulations! This is a beautiful time for you and your family but sometimes along with this beautiful little human coming into our lives you may start to also experience back, neck or rib pain. 

Lower back, mid back and neck pain, are very common during pregnancy and neck or upper back pain from breastfeeding difficulties can start after the birth of your baby. Our physio team in Melbourne’s West understand that pregnancy hormones can relax your joints, ligaments and muscles whilst the weight you gain in pregnancy can add to the problem. 

Back and neck issues can be extremely painful and have a huge impact on your life at this exciting time, by limiting your ability to look after and enjoy your new pride and joy.

Whilst back and neck pain are common in pregnancy you don’t need to put up with them. Treatment may allow your pregnancy to progress more comfortably and help you enjoy your newborn baby without pain.

Common symptoms:

  •   Pain in the lower back which may radiate into one or both legs
  •   Pain in the mid back or around your bra line, often made worse by feeding and holding your baby
  •   Neck and arm pain, or even headaches, often exacerbated by breastfeeding


Possible causes of back and neck pain:

  •   Physical strains and weight gain of pregnancy
  •   Hormonal changes
  •   Postural changes
  •   Stretching of muscles
  •   Increased physical demands of feeding and caring for your baby or managing your toddler


How we can help:

Having a special interest in physiotherapy for pregnancy and post pregnancy we can develop a specific physiotherapy treatment plan that aims to relieve your pain whilst the right advice and an exercise program can prevent its recurrence. At Western Women’s & Men’s Health in Hoppers Crossing we can create a personalised management program for your back and neck pain during pregnancy and after your baby is born.

What to expect:

  •   A thorough assessment of your posture and spinal joints and muscles to establish your goals and treatment plan
  •   Education and advice for activity modification and postural correction
  •   Design of a personalised abdominal, hip and pelvic floor muscle exercise program
  •   Manual therapy including joint mobilisation and soft tissue massage
  •   Corrective taping and strapping


If you would like to book in for an assessment please call (03) 8001 2044 or book online

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