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The role of physiotherapy pre-conception

The role of physiotherapy pre-conception

Many changes occur within a mother’s body both during and after pregnancy, including changes to the muscles, ligaments and joints. To make the whole process easier it is important to seek assistance from a professional who can help women to manage and understand the changes that are occurring.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists at Western Women’s and Men’s Health have the specialized training and expertise to teach you the range of physical techniques and coping skills that will help you to enjoy your journey of motherhood. We will equip you with skills including positioning, rhythmic movement, massage, relaxation and breathing awareness, whilst also helping you to keep fit and strong. There are also preventative measures that we can offer, such as specific exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to help ensure minimal damage occurring during pregnancy and birth. After all, prevention is better than cure!

We are also here for you during your pregnancy and after childbirth to help to lesson symptoms such as back and neck pain, abdominal weakness and incontinence. If you’re planning on becoming pregnant we would love to hear from you! Make an appointment with one of our passionate Western Women’s and Men’s Health physiotherapists in Hoppers Crossing so we can get you and your body ready for pregnancy and motherhood. You can contact us on (03) 8001 2044.


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