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Are you stressed about stress incontinence?

Are you stressed about stress incontinence?

Do you walk around in fear of coughing, sneezing or even laughing, because you’re not sure if it will cause you to leak? If this is you then you may be suffering from stress incontinence. This condition is generally a result of weak pelvic floor muscles but may also be due to damage to the pelvic connective tissue that serves as a support for the bladder. The small amount of leakage occurs when there is a greater amount of pressure in the bladder than in the urethra (the tube that urine leaves the body through). This could be the result of an activity that exerts extra pressure inside the abdomen, such as coughing, which in turn applies extra pressure onto the bladder. The muscles surrounding the urethra allow a small amount of urine to leak out as they are not strong enough to keep the urethra closed.

How can physiotherapy help?

A specially trained physiotherapist, such as our friendly team at Western Women’s and Men’s Health in Hoppers Crossing can offer you an individualized exercise program. We will teach you the specific techniques to strengthen the right pelvic floor muscles for your particular needs.

Around 70% of people with stress incontinence will have a positive response to physiotherapy treatment, with their symptoms improving or even being resolved.

Here at Western Women’s and Men’s Health we love to help both men and women to regain control of their continence issues. Book an appointment with one of our passionate and highly experienced physiotherapists sooner rather than later – if left untreated, your situation may continue to gradually worsen. We are here to make a positive difference in your life. Let us tailor a specific program for you to help you develop better bladder lifestyle habits. Make an appointment today on (03) 8001 2044.


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