Tamika Joins The WWMH Team - Western Women's and Mens Health
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Tamika Joins The WWMH Team

Tamika Joins The WWMH Team

In May Tamika undertook a 5 day intensive Women’s Health course to develop her  knowledge and skills on managing pelvic floor and pregnancy related issues. By completing this course Tamika has developed her skills in assisting with treatment and management of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, which include pelvic floor training.

Tamika has also furthered her knowledge in management of pregnancy related issues. This includes difficulties such as pelvic girdle pain as well as management of strength and fitness through the pre- and post-natal periods.

Tamika will now be joining Annabelle, Laura and Lauren to expand the Western Women and Men’s Health  team and is now available to see Women’s Health patients to assist with management of pelvic floor and pregnancy related problems.

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