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Unveiling the Impact of Birthing Choices: A Women’s Health Physiotherapist’s Insight

birthing choices

Unveiling the Impact of Birthing Choices: A Women’s Health Physiotherapist’s Insight

Embarking on the journey of childbirth is a profound experience. As a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, I’m here to shed light on the intricate connection between your birthing choices and the health of your pelvic floor, emphasizing the importance of informed decisions and proactive preparation. 

Understanding the Ripple Effect of your birthing choices: 

Your choices during childbirth go beyond the delivery room, impacting your pelvic floor health and recovery afterwards. Whether you prefer a natural birth, are open to interventions, or have specific birthing positions in mind, each decision shapes your journey. Birth plans are a helpful tool for collaborative decision-making. This can involve you, your healthcare team, and your support system before, during, and after childbirth. This process enhances your autonomy, making sure your preferences are considered. Evidence-based studies suggest that well-informed decisions during birth may contribute to lower antenatal depression scores.

The Role of Women’s Health Physiotherapy: 

To guide you properly, a detailed understanding of your pelvic floor is essential. We gather information through history-taking and internal examination to measure your pelvic floor reserve. This assessment helps us customise our support, focusing on your specific concerns and optimising your pelvic floor health from the beginning.

Preparing for the Journey: 

Think of pelvic floor health as the foundation of your birthing experience.  Incorporating targeted exercises and discussions on birthing positions into your preparation, we aim to empower you with the tools needed for a resilient childbirth experience. Understanding your pelvic floor’s starting point ensures a proactive and informed approach. Along with this, we answer all your questions regarding episiotomies, vaginal deliveries, C-sections and different instrumental deliveries. 

 Acknowledging the Unpredictable: 

Striving for a smooth birthing experience is important, but it’s crucial to recognise the unpredictability of childbirth. Some procedures may be necessary for safety. Talking to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist about your birthing plan prepares you for the unknown. This proactive step helps you make decisions even in unexpected situations.

Think of your birth plan as a roadmap in childbirth, guiding you through shared decision-making, autonomy, and adaptability. I encourage you to approach your birth plan as a dynamic tool, fostering resilience and empowerment throughout your birthing journey. 

Exploring your birth choices with a Women’s Health Physio

Contact our Clinic on 9749 5110 and book an appointment with Urvi Shelar, our Women’s Health Physio who can assist you with tailoring a Birthing plan for a positive birthing experience! 

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