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Why see a Naturopath?


Why see a Naturopath?

Have you ever seen a Naturopath?

Naturopaths operate very differently from your standard healthcare provider and with that comes many benefits.

When you see a Naturopath you can expect the utmost care as soon as you walk into the clinic. We take the time to understand you, treat the underlying causes, provide you with safe and effective treatments and pride ourselves on our patient-centred care approach. Let’s take a deeper dive and explore what each of these means when it comes to your health and who you chose to support and guide you along the way.

We take the time to understand you and your priorities

Naturopath appointment lengths are longer which allows us to understand your priorities and goals. We can then provide you with an achievable, realistic treatment plan tailored specifically for you and your goals.

A naturopath treats the underlying cause

Have you ever taken a supplement or medication that “fixed” your symptoms only for them to return shortly after or when you stopped taking it? Naturopaths don’t mask your symptoms! We find and treat the underlying causes of them for far greater outcomes.

We offer safe and effective treatments

Naturopathy treatments are safe and effective for acute and chronic conditions in all age groups. We use a combination of herbal medicine, nutritional support, mindset practices and lifestyle recommendations to bring your body back into balance.

We offer individualised healthcare

At Western Womens’s and Mens Health we don’t prescribe the same treatment to each person or their symptoms. We believe healthcare should be individualised and tailored to our clients priorities and goals. No two people are the same and your treatment shouldn’t be either.

Patient-centred care

Patient-centred care means that you will always be well informed when it comes to your health. We listen, respect and value our clients which creates a comfortable environment for you to freely express yourself. We will always strive to understand your health priorities and goals to provide the ongoing support that you deserve.

If you have never seen a Naturopath, then perhaps this is your sign to try naturopathy for your concerns. Share this page with friends or family members who may be interested in Naturopathy and would like to learn more about how we approach healthcare.

Contact our Clinic and book an appointment with our Naturopath Ebony today!!!!

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