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Post Natel Assessments

Post Natel Assessments

During this unprecedented time of the COVID crisis, it’s so important not to forget about the importance of pre and postnatal care.  We want to reassure all new mums that care during the early postnatal period is key to long term recovery of the pelvic floor, abdominal and pelvic region.  It’s easy to get caught up in the haze of sleep deprivation and all that newborn crazy time, ignoring our bodies, and the signs that can lead to long term concern.

During a postnatal assessment we will:

  • assess DRAM (abdominal separation)
  • assess pelvic floor (either during a real-time ultrasound or vaginal assessment if appropriate)
  • assess abdominal control
  • check c section or perineal scars
  • provide assessment and treatment of any musculoskeletal ailments, especially neck/shoulder and low back
  • prescribe an appropriate pelvic floor and core rehabilitation program, and/or facilitate a 1:1 supervised gym program in our onsite pilates studio
  • educate on the do’s and don’ts of returning to exercise and sport

The ideal time for a postnatal assessment is between 2-6 weeks post natel, but it’s never too late.  Please call the clinic for more information.

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